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Liz Connell‚Äč

Liz is a crystal intuitive, psychic medium and teacher uniting Heaven and Earth through the arts of "Crystalistening" and "Spiritlistening".

Liz is co- creator of our magical



created by artisan


Vici Marzec

Each beautiful themed box contains an intuitively curated collection of genuine crystals to support your prayers, wishes and intentions with the power and beauty of imagery and crystal frequencies

Join Liz and Vici at one of our live events in the Hudson Valley and see and feel WISH BOX waiting just for you !


Deeply connecting with the crystal and spirit realm, she is able to relay messages of support and guidance to her clients as well as offering powerful crystal healing sessions and classes and workshops locally and online at The Omega Institute

and at her professional offices at

Trained in Evidential Mediumship


James Van Praagh, Mavis Pitlla, Janet Nohavec, Tony Stockwell, Lisa Williams, John Holland and other world class teachers from The Arthur Findlay School of mediumship in England. Liz mentored for 3 years with  renown and beloved nternational medium. Mavis Pitilla. 

"Spiritlistening" readings are high vibrational form of evidential mediumship that is never spooky or scary. These messages of love from the spirit world are comforting and healing and bring about a sense of assurance that your loved one is safe and very much alive on the other side!

This form of mediumship brings forth clear evidence that identify your loved one focusing on assuring his or her identity and delivering a meaningful messages from the other side.

Liz has sought out and trained with the best and most well respected teachers in the world and has invested time and energy into classes, workshops, travel and education to ensure a level of quality of service to the spirit world and to you!

Liz has founded a unique and powerful form of crystal self-healing" called "Crystalistening" and offers spirit commuication and mediumship as well as a variety of energetic modalities to bring about a state of being in which her clients can achieve release of dis-ease and and move toward a state of well being and wellness.

Teaching and informing is one of our main missions! Along with offering beautiful and unique crystals, we strive to guide you in working with them, learning more about them and co-creating with them to enhance your journey.

Liz is Reiki Master, IET practitioner, Certified In Hypnosis and Ordained Minister. Her work incorporates elements of many modalities that include energy healing with crystals, color, sacred geometry, essential oils and flower essences and sacred sound crystal singing bowls. She works closely with the ascended masters, unicorn, fairy and crystal skull realms.

Are you a Spiritual Center, Bookstore or Health and Wellness Spa?

We offer visiting teacher/practitioner bookings!

Liz will come to your healing arts center, massage practice or spiritual center to

share classes, sessions and readings with your clients.

A custom experience can be designed to fit the needs of your center's needs and working space parameters.

Classes can be offered in an intimate lecture style setting and more interactive and small group hands-on instruction and mediumistic demonstrations. We keep our groups small and personal to insure a close connection for learning and connecting.

You may also wish to offer classes to your customers and clients interested in expanding their own work with crystals!

Some centers prefer to book consecutive visits in order to offer leveled classes and bring in returning students for additional and more advanced training.

Designed to fit your needs, you can book returning visits to offer your community one of the following options:

- Individual "Spiritlistening" sessions to bring through messages of healing, comfort and understanding and love from the spirit realm.

- "Spiritlistening Gallery" to bring through messages from Spirit for small group attendees.

- Crystal Consultations: 30 minute individual bookings to offer clients insights and spiritual guidance in a manner similar to a card reading or intuitive session.

- Crystal Chakra and Energy Balancing: An affordable and effective crystal healing session booked in 45 minute blocks to offer a crystal experience at an approachable cost to clients. (space requirement)

- Crystal Healing: More intensive crystal healing to bring about spiritual growth, well being and wellness. These 1 hour sessions are booked over the course of a 2 day weekend visit with 3 to 4 clients per day and are best suited to Healing Arts and Spiritual Centers with clients interested in more intensive self healing. (body work space requirement)

-Crystal Intuitive Guidance: Card readings with crystal healing energies to offer intuitive guidance along with the benefits of a crystal healing session n an integrated and enjoyable format.

- Leveled classes: Choose between a variety of levels and focus points centered on working with crystals including a selection of topics such as stress-management, spiritual development, ascension, working with guides and angels and many other options. (suitable class space requirement)

- Vogel Wand Instruction for the use of crystal healing wands designed and researched by IBM engineer Marcel Vogel for intuitive crystal healing and empowerment.

- Practitioner classes: For your center's massage therapists and other body work professionals to incorporate crystals into their individual practice offerings.

- Mentoring: Longer term individualized tutoring for serious individuals interested in establishing their own practice or offering classes in crystal healing.

Crystalistener seeks to establish a relationship with each client. The ultimate goal is to have many individuals develop "crystalistening" skills for themselves and to support the community with classes and services to build a closer connection the crystal kingdom.

Crystalistener Liz Connell is founder of: "Crystalistening", a powerful and unique approach to intuitive crystal healing that develops your psychic and intuitive talents as an energy worker and healer and

"Spiritlistening" is a form of high vibrational evidential mediumship bringing in messages of healing, comfort and love based on the extensive training programs

of Evidential Mediumship as taught by the Arthur Findlay School in England

Liz is a practitioner and teacher at

The Omega Instiute

in Rhinebeck New York

and has been in private practice for over 15 years with professional offices in the beautiful Hudson Valley, NY

-A psychic medium, Reiki Master, I.E.T. Certified Hypnotist and ordained minister and author of the upcoming book, Crystalistening- An Intuitive Approach to Working with Crystals *

*all rights reservrved,